The Calvert family has been digging graves since the 1930's when Q.M. Calvert started digging for the City of Denton and local funeral homes. In 1952 Q.M left the city and went to work for Roselawn Cemetery in Denton.

In 1959 his son Ronnie started working with him at 16yrs old. Several years later in 1968 Q.M.'s other son Tommy helped until 1973.

In 1969 Q.M.'s son Bobby who was a Butcher at the time joined  Q.M. and Ronnie as business was expanding.

​In 1982 Bobby retired and his son Billy took over his part of the business.

​in 1993 Ronnie's son Chad started working for the business and few years later Billy's son Kevin joined the family business in 1997.

​Ronnie retired in 2013 after working for 54 years and his son Chad took over his share of the business.

Our Story

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